I thought my bathroom is really in a sad state considering it’s quite new.  When I thought about it though, I realised it hadn’t been done up for ten years!  When my now 20 year old (who lives in there!) was ten!

I’m really fed up with white tiles – I thought this make my bathroom seem more spacious but it doesn’t.  It just makes it look boring and unimaginative.

sad sad sad!
sad sad sad!

We’ve got cracked tiles!

Eh, There's a few like this
Eh, There’s a few like this



A shower that goes drip, drip, drip.



Remembering the first trip we had to Paris –77a506fb3c6a8e701cdf42ebde9cd6ec the bathroom was monochrome and had a very Parisian feel.  I’ve never forgotten  how lovely it was.   Simple but classy and memorable.  I would like to add some Parisian memorabilia to my bathroom such as these prints.


I really loved a white suite as it’s so clean and fresh looking.  This is the foundation for my monochrome theme.  All of these bathroom suites are gorgeous.

59122_image 73559_image  67123_image

And gorgeous tiles from Tile Mountain – trying to keep to my monochrome theme.  I love different textures and a bit clashy and interesting.

2f00e8ab9e33053881c1f87853acf6f6                                       d3bd7b04707c23ed14a54d8c66217a9c24ebf8c70868781adcf7de40d2bf2b46

Thank you Tile Mountain!


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